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cara membuat Theme windows 7 Dengan cepat dan mudah

Hai sobat irfan Syah Putra kali ini saya mau ajarin kamu cara membuat Theme Windows 7 dengan mudah dan cEPAT :D

langsung aja ya caranya :D

Go through the article and choose themes for better look of your Desktop / Laptop.
1. The first one is iOS 5 Skin Pack for Windows 7,this one is for those who wants to keep their system appearance similar to iPhone, iPad and iPod. This iOS Pack is the best option to make it look-alike Apple’s iOS. It changes the overall appearance of OS like Boot Screen, Windows Explorer and Login Screen etc.
The iOS 5 Skin Pack was developed by Hamed, who also developed other good-looking themes like Windows 8, Mac OS X, Android Skin Packs and more, which we’ll discuss in more detail later.
iOS skin for Windows
To get started with iOS 5 Ski Pack you can follow us in How to make Windows 7 look like Apple iOS: iOS transformation theme pack Download.
Download iOS Skin Pack and enjoy the new look:
Note: Don’t forget to create system restore point for being on the safe hand side.
2. Another theme is, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Which is also a new theme designed by Hamed. As Lion is taking hold over the Mac kingdom, he designed this. Just like iOS 5 Skin Pack, Mac OS X Lion is easy to install using Mac UI theme. It can be installed through its *.exe file. But it is recommended to create a system restore point before installing any theme because some time it is quite difficult to uninstall any theme. Also disable your User Account Control.
Installation Procedure for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion:
Double Click the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion’s setup.exe file, which will pop-up the screen like this.
Mac OS X-10.7 Lion Theme - Transformation Pack Windows-7
Then, you need to Click ‘Install’ to continue the installation process. There are also some options to install the UXTheme Patch and extra items as you can see on the screen. If you are not interested in installing any extra items, then you can uncheck the box and go ahead with the rest.
Once, the installation process is completed. It will ask you for Reboot your System to see the effective changes. So, click ‘Finish’ button to complete the process.
After restarting, your System will look like the screen below.
To download Mac OS X Transformation Pack click here.
3. In respect to our topic, Top 5 Windows 7 Themes, our third theme is Windows 8 Aero 1.2 Skin Pack. As you all know, Windows 8 is Microsoft’s product and there is lot of buzz regarding the upcoming version. But with the leaked screenshots and new feature, the developer has mixed some other features which is based on ‘Aero Lite’ and launched this theme with some cool interface. Try out Windows 8 Aero 1.2 Skin Pack to experience the expected Windows 8 features. After installing this Skin Pack your Windows 7 will look like the screen below:
8 skin pack 3 0 x64 - 64bit--by hameddanger d3qems7
Once again, I’m making it clear that don’t forget to create System Restore Point, make your backup and disable User Account Control.
Its installation process is same as above two themes. But, once again let me start from the beginning.
  • So, first download the Windows 8 Aero 1.2 Skin Pack by clicking the link.
  • Then, you need to download UXtheme patcher tool for installing it on Windows 7.
  •  So, click the link to download VistaGlass Windows 7 Theme Patcher.
  • Double-click to launch and apply it on your Windows 7 to patch Windows files.
  • Extract the downloaded RAR file.
  • Now, click ‘Windows’ +’R’ button from the keyboard.
  • Type%windir% and click ‘OK’.
  •  Now, you need to go to the folder “\Resources>Theme>” and copy the ‘Windows 8 Aero 1.2.theme’ and ‘Windows 8 Aero 1.2.msstyles’ files to that folder (there can be different names with same extension files).
  • Now, you need to double-click on ‘Windows 8 Aero 1.2.theme’ file and the theme will be applied to the System automatically or you can apply it by going to System Properties. Now, enjoy the new look.
4. The fourth one is Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Skin Pack, which is also designed by Hamed. You can download it here or if you wish for some more themes click here. The theme will be look like this after installation.
android skin pack for Windows
The installation process is almost similar as the above themes. So, I don’t think it needs more explanations.
5. And the last one is Angry Birds Theme for Windows 7, it is one of the most famous Mobile games and now it is available as Windows 7 theme. You can download it from its official windows site. To download the theme click here.