Kumpulan Soal tentang Label Dan Pembahasannya

Kumpulan Soal tentang Label Dan Pembahasannya - Hallo sahabat RELLSAFAN, Pada Artikel kali ini dengan judul Kumpulan Soal tentang Label Dan Pembahasannya, kami telah merangkum artikel ini dari berbagai sumber untuk memberikan anda informasi yang tepat, artikel dari kami dapat di bagikan dengan siapapun dan informasi didalamnya dapat di ambil secara gratis. semoga isi postingan dengan Label Artikel Buku, Artikel pelajaran, Artikel Trik, yang kami tulis ini dapat membantu anda. baiklah, selamat membaca.

Judul : Kumpulan Soal tentang Label Dan Pembahasannya
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Kumpulan Soal tentang Label Dan Pembahasannya

Pembahasan Bahasa Inggris "Label" dan Latihan

I.                    RANGKUMAN MATERI
Label merupakan text fungsional yang muncul dalam soal UN SKL no 9.
Label adalah text yang berisi informasi tentang suatu product, seperti obat, makanan,minuman, pakaian, dsb.
Dalam label pembaca dapat mengerti tentang :
-          kegunaan (the usage of the subject)
-          komposisi (composition)
-          petunjuk penggunaan (the instruction for use)
-          Indication and  contra indication.
-          Caution or warning: petunjuk atau peringatan
a.      to give detailed information about the product
b.      to inform everything related to the product.
- more                   : lebih banyak                        the most                     : paling banyak
- less                      : lebih sedikit             the least                     : paling sedikit
- once/twice         : sekali/dua kali         Three times                : tiga kali
- regularly             : secara teratur          routinely                    : secara rutin
- daily                    : setiap hari                every an hours           : setiap satu jam
- infant/baby       : bayi                           Kids/children             : anak-anak
- teenagers           : remaja                      adult                           : dewasa
- shake                  : kocoklah                   remove                       : bukalah
- rub                      : lumurkan                  draw in                       : hisaplah
- spray/draw out : semprotkan              avoid                           : hindarkan/jauhkan
- store/keep         : simpanlah                 prevent                       : mencegah
- cure/heal           : mengobati                reduce                                    : mengurangi
- increase              : meningkatkan          decrease                     : menurunkan
- protect               : melindungi               shut/close                  : tutuplah
- release                : menghilangkan        swallow                      : menelan
- lick                      : menjilat                    inhale                          : menghirup
- dizzy                    : pusing                       vomit                          : muntah
- nose bleed         : mimisan                    dengue fever              : demam berdarah
- bee sting            : sengatan lebah        burn                            : terbakar
- wound                : luka                           pain                             : nyeri/rasa skit
1.    What does the text tell you about?
A.  The steps to protect new cartridge           
B.  The methods to obtain new cartridge
C.  The instruction to use fine cartridge
D.  The information to install new printer.
2.    Which statement is NOT TRUE based on the above text?
A.  The color of printer is black           
B.  Children may touch and play with it
C.  It is good to be used before January 2009
D.  The cartridge is suitable for certain canon printers.
Skin Cream
Indications    : For minor burns, insect bites, and minor cuts. Helps prevent infection.
Direction        : Apply a thin layer on the affected area thee times a day. Do not use it for more than two weeks.
Caution           : Do not use on deep wounds. For external use only.
Keep out of children's reach. Consult a doctor if irritation occurs.
Net weight          : 5 gram
Expiration :January 2010
3. It is not suggested to use this product for ....
 A.       less than two hours
             B.       more than three hours
             C.       less than two weeks
             D.       more than two weeks
4. "Consult a doctor if irritation occurs".
     The underlined word has the same meaning with ....
A. illness
B. pain
C. injury
D. hurt

III.                EVALUASI
Text for no 1-3

To relieve fever and Headache Dosage: Children under 12: One tablet, Twice a day Adults: Two tablets three times a day

Shake well before use to relieve fever, flu, And coughs.Dosage: Children under 12: One teaspoonful after Meal, three times a Day Adults: Two teaspoonfuls After meal three times a day
1. Which statement is not correct based on the text?
      A. Pain Killer can be used by kids
      B. Cough Syrup can be taken after meal
      C. Both medicines are in the form of liquid
      D. Both medicines can be used to relieve fever
2. Dina's mother has got a severe headache. She has taken Pain Killer for a week.
    How many tablets has she consumed?
      A. 4                       
      B. 28
      C. 21                     
      D. 42
3. I am forty years old. My sister is four years younger than me. How many tablets must
    she consume when she suffers from headache?
             A. One teaspoonful three times a day.
             B. Two teaspoonfuls three times a day
             C. One tablet twice a day
             D. Two tablets three times a day.
4. From the text we can conclude that……
             A. People have to shake the pain killer before use
             B. People have to take pain killer when they suffer from cough
             C. People have to take cough syrup when they suffer from flu
             D. Pain killer is a kind of capsule

Text for no 5-8
Toilet Cleaner
Kill germs while leaving Pleasant Fragrance
·         Effectively kills germ.
·         Suitable for floors and bathrooms. Leaves a refreshing fragrance
·         Eliminates unpleasant bathroom, toilet, drain and waste odors.
·         Pour contents of refill pouch into empty bottle of Sleek Toilet Cleaner.
·         For mopping floors, add 1 bottle cap of Sleek Toilet for every liter of water.
·         To eliminate unpleasant odors such as those emanating from drains or waste bins, pour directly on the source of these odors.

•           Replace bottle cap immediately after use.
•           Keep out of children's reach.         '
•           Do not swallow and avoid contact with eyes.
Sleek ® the best product for you.
5. What is the above product effective for?
      A. To kill germs in the toilet
      B. To replace the waste bins
      C. To avoid children from waste
      D. To decrease certain fragrance
6. The caution shows that the product is  …for children
      A. important         
      B. dangerous
      C. nice                  
      D. useful
7. How do we use the product to clean unpleasant odors from waste bins?
      A. Pour the unpleasant odors into the cleaner
      B. Pour the waste bins directly into the cleaner.
      C. Pour the cleaner into the source of the odors.
      D. Pour indirectly the product into the source of these odors.
8. The kind of the product is……..
            A. liquid
            B. syrup
            C. powder
            D. gas

Text for no 9-13
Headache-Pain- Fever
Each tablet contains
Paracetamol ................................................................... 500 mg
BIOGESIC is indicated in a wide variety of painful conditions including headache, toothache, dysmenorrhea, myalgias, neuralgias, and other musculoskeletal disorders as well as in febrile conditions such as H-fever, rheumatic fever, flu and others.
Children ...........1/2 tablet 3 or 4 times a day
Adults ............. 1 tablet 3 or 4 times a day
Or as prescribed by the physician.
Children ........... 1tablet 3 or 4 times a day
Adults .............  2tablet 3 or 4 times a day
Or as prescribed by the physician.
9. The following painful is helped by consuming the tablet, except ....
               A. flu                                                         
               B. chest pain
              C. fever                                                     
              D. toothache
10. The purpose of writing the text is ....
               A. to offer the medicine to the readers
               B. to announce the function of the medicine
               C. to give information about the medicine
               D. to tell the readers how to make the medicine
11. How many diseases are written in the text that can be treated with Biogesis?
               A. 7
               B. 8
               C. 9
               D. 10
12. How much paracetamol is there in two tablets of Biogesic?
               A. 500 mg
               B. 1000 mg
               C. 500 gr.
               D. 1000 gr.
13. How is the dosage for our grandmother when she suffer from mild case disease?
               A. ½ tablets 3-4 times a day
               B. 1 tablet 3-4 times a day
               C. 1-2 tablets 3-4 times a day
               D. 2 tablets 3-4 times a day

Text for no 14-17
The Finest Quality of Pasta Spaghetti with Chicken Sauce
Nutrition Fact
Serving size per 105 gr.
Amount per serving
Energy                                   301 Kal.
Protein                                   8 gr.
Fat                                          4 gr.
Carbohydrate                        50 gr.
Dietary Fiber                         4 gr.
Vitamin A                               70%
Vitamin BI                              73%
Vitamin B 12                         32%
Vitamin C                              48%
Folic Acid                              50%
Ferro                                       7 %
Calcium                                 9 %
Zinc                                        6 %

14. According to the text above, which nutrition contains the highest weight?
               A. Carbohydrate                                    
              B. Protein
               C. Dietary fiber                                       
               D. Fat
15. We can find that kind of text in a package of ....
               A. beverages                                           
               B. instant food
             C. medicine                                              
             D. snack
16. How much is the carbohydrate in a product of 210 gram?
               A. 105 gram
               B. 50 gram
               C. 100 gram
               D. 200 gram
17. Which nutrition has the least percentage?
               A. Vitamin B1
               B. Energy
               C. Ferro
               D. zinc

Text for no 18-20
Skin Cream

Indications    : For minor burns, insect bites, and minor cuts. Helps prevent infection.
Direction        : Apply a thin layer on the affected area thee times a day, Do not use it for more than two weeks.

Caution           :
Do not use on deep wounds. For external use only.
Keep out of children's reach. Consult a doctor if irritation occurs.

Net weight          :  5 gram
Expiration           :  January 2010
18. It is not suggested to use this product for ....
 A. less than two hours
             B. more than three hours
             C. less than two weeks
             D. more than two weeks
19. "Consult a doctor if irritation occurs".
      The underlined word has the same meaning as ....
A. cures
B. happens
C. arrives
D. comes
20. Which statement below is correct based on the text?
            A. We can keep it in any place
            B. It is not dangerous for children.
            C. We can use the product up to January 2010
            D. We can’t use the product before expiration.
Text for no 21-25
Milk Vit with MV-4
The milk chocolate drink that gives instant health. Take Milk Vit with MV-4, the health drink for young and old. Milk Vit with MV-4 gives you good health all day an everyday. Drink Milk Vit, hot or cold, morning and evening. All over the world, healthy and vigorous man and women are drinking Milk Vit. MILK VIT WAS GOOD BUT MILK VIT WITH MV-4 IS BETTER.
Take a glass of water, add two scoops of milk with MV-4. Delicious and refreshing. Milk Vit Keeps you healthy all day. Miss G of Kowloon writer’s used to be tired all day and always in trouble over my work. Now thanks to milk bit. I am the fastest typist in Te office. I don't make so many mistakes either !’

Milkvit with MV-4
For Instant Health
(inlarge, super large and giant family size tins)
21. What is Milk Vit with MV-4?
      A.        soft drinks enriched with vitamins
      B.        liquid containing alcohol for drinking
      C.        the milk chocolate drink for instant health
      D.        water from a spring in the ground containing mineral salt
22. Milk Vit is sold in ...
      A.        tins
      B.        large bottles
      C.        super large jars
      D.        giant family-size paper bags
23. How does Milk Vit with MV-4 taste?
      A.        hot
      B.        tasteless
      C.        healthy
      D.        delicious
24. For a typist the function of Milk Vit with MV-4 is...
      A.        to release the exhausting
      B.        to make her slim
      C.        to add the concentration
      D.        to cause many mistakes
25. The text is a kind of ...
      A.        announcement
      B.        poster
      C.        brochure
      D.        prescription

Text for no 1-3


Shake well before use.
Mix well of soap for every 2 liters of water.
Take a bath with the mixed water.
Rinse afterwards
For external use only
If swallowed call a doctor
Store in dry place
Keep away from children
1.    The form of the thing in the text of a label is…
A.      syrup
B.      liquid
C.      cream
D.     solid

2.    We use it when we….
A.      sleep
B.      take a nap
C.      take a rest
D.     take a bath.
3. Which statement below is incorrect according to the text?
            A. We have to shake while using
            B. We have to avoid it from children.
            C. We have to store it in a proper place
            D. We have to use it externally
4. The word “take a bath” has the same meaning as…..
            A. take a nap
            B. have a meal
            C. have a shower
            D. take a water

Text for no 5-9

Fenoterol Hydrobromide
100 mcg
Metered Aerosol
1 metered dose (puff) loads 100 mcg Fenoterol Hydrobromide
  1. Symptomatic treatment of acute asthma attacks
  2. Prophylaxis of exercise induced asthma
  3. Symptomatic treatment of bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive bronchitis.
Side effect:
Frequent undesirable effect of ASTHMOEC 100 mcg are:
-       fine tremor of skeletal muscle, nervousness, headache, dizziness, tachycardia, palpilation.
  1. Acute asthma; 1 puff , 5 minutes later a second dose may be taken( if breathing has not noticeably improved)
  2. Induced asthma; 1-2 puffs for each administration, up to a maximum of 8 puffs per day.
  3. Bronchial Asthma: 1-2 puffs for each administration, up to 8 puffs per day.
4.   For children: should be advised by a doctor.
5. What is the function of writing the text?
            A. To give a clear information about ASTHMOTEC
            B. To advertise ASTHMOTEC
            C. To ask people to take the ASTHMOTEC
            D. To advise the reader to buy ASTHMOTEC
6. How many side effects are there in the text?
            A. 3
            B. 4
            C. 5
            D. 6
7. From the text we can conclude that there are……kinds of ASTHMA
            A. three
            B. four
            C. five
            D. six
8. A patient with bronchial Asthma has ASTHMOTEC…….
            A. 1 puff each day
            B. 1 -2 puffs, up to a maximum 8 puffs per hour
            C. 1-2 puffs, up to a maximum 8 puffs per twenty four hours
            D. 1-2 puffs, up to a minimum 8 puffs per day
9. Which patient has to take a second dose if there is no improving of the breathing?
            A. Prophylaxis ASTHMA
            B. Children
            C. Acute ASTHMA
            D. Bronchial ASTHMA
Text for no 10-12
This hair tonic is processed from the leaves of the specific tree stimulate hair growth. Apply evenly on scalp every morning or evening particularly on areas where hair is thinning and lightly massage.
10.  What does the text tell you about?
A. Hair spray.
B. Hair style.
C. Hair dresser.
D. Hair treatment.
11. From the text we can conclude that…..
            A. we can use it by dropping the tonic on the hair
            B. we can use it by applying on the scalp
            C. we can use it by drinking the tonic
            D. we can use it by rubbing on the hands
12. The word “stimulate” in the text has similar meaning to…
            A. response
            B. support
            C. calculate
            D. accurate

Text for no 13-1
Chocolate Biscuit & Vanilla Cream
Sugar, Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil, Cocoa Powder, Milk Powder, Salt, Baking Powder (Ammonium and Sodium Bicarbonate), Vanilla Flavor, Soya Lecithin.
Manufactured in a facility that may process products that contain: peanuts, soy, wheat, eggs, milk, and tree nut products.

ALLERGEN: wheat, milk, soy.

Nutrition Facts
Amount per serving
% DV
Serving size: 3 pieces (35 g)
Serving per container: + 6
Total Calories: 170 Cal.
Calories from fat: 70 Cal. 

Total fat
Total Carbohydrate

8 g
2 g
25 g

75 mg
  • Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

13. Which one of the following statement is incorrect based on the label above?
            A.   OREANO is provided in two flavors
            B.   This product consists of 4 substances
            C.  Three pieces of OREANO contain 170 cal
            D.   More than 10 ingredients are needed to make OREANO
14. How many ingredients are mentioned in the text to make OREANO ?
            A. 8
            B. 9
            C. 10
            D. 11
15. The highest nutrition of the product for each serving size is…
            A. Total fat
            B. Protein
            C. Total carbohydrate
            D. Sodium
16. How much calories are there for two serving sizes?
            A. 170 cal
            B. 70 cal
            C. 340 cal
            D. 140 cal

Text for no 17-21

Decadril expectorant cures quickly
-          Coughts, colds, flu, asthma, gastritis, stomach distrubances in cases of tighness in chest parkinsonism allergic diseases etc.
-          It difutes tinacious secretion, facilities expectoration and relieves pains.
Decadril expectorant has a nice flavour is refreshing and gives satisfaction t user.
Adult                : 1-2 tspf every two or three hours
Children          : 1 tspf every three hours
Reg no D 2018068
17. What illness can decadril cure?
A.    It can cure a cough, flu and asthma
B.     It is for stomachache and fever
C.     It can cure us for cold and sore-throat
D.    It is a headache and flu
18. What does decadril tastes to the users?
A.    I tastes nice and refreshing
B.     It has bad flavour and fresh
C.     It tastes sweet and fresh
D.    It is sour and nice
19. The label informs us the decadril can be
A.    Antiseptic cream
B.     Healthy food
C.     Cough medicine
D.    Nice and sweet candy
20. From the text we know that..
A.    We must let the bottle open
B.     We are not allowed to let the bottle closed.
C.     We have to keep the bottle closed
D.    We are banned to keep the bottle tightly closed
21. What is the kind of the medicine above?
A.    Capsule
B.     Tablet
C.     Syrup
D.    Powder

Text for no 22-25
Long lasting body fragrance to give freshness on the body. Make your skin feel soft and smooth.
-          Red Rose parfume, give long lasting fragrance from red rose.
-          Almond protein extract, helps the moisture and soothing the skin.
-          Cooling agent, leaves your body fresh and cool.
Direction to use:
Splash the colonge all over the body after having shower or when necessary.
22. What is the text about?
            A. Red Rose Flower
            B. Liquid Soap.
            C. Body parfume
            D. Body lotion
23. Which statement is true according to the text?
            A. Almond protein makes long lasting fragrance
            B. Cooling agent leaves the body very cold
            C. We use the product by splashing it all over the body
            D. It is a kind of syrup.
24. The word “splash” means....
            A. draw out
            B. draw in
            C. take liquid out
            D. take liquid fly
25.The word “your” in the text refers to.....
            A. writer of the text
            B. buyer of the colonge
            C. user of the product
            D. the company

Text for no 1-5
-          Dirt and stains easily removed
-          Ideal for cleaning glass, motorcars, vehicles, furnitures, etc.
1.      After use, wash plash chamois with soap
2.      Always keep plas chamois slightly wet in the case
3.      Whenever plas chamois gets dried up and becomes hard, soak it in the water.
4.      Rinse well before first use.
1. What can plas chamois remove well?
A.    Dirt
B.     Glass
C.     Vehicles
D.    Furniture
2. Which of the following statements is true based on the text?
A.    We must soak in the water everytime
B.     People need it to water the glass
C.     It may not be kept in a case
D.    It is good for cleaning cars
3.    The word “soak” in the text has similar meaning to.....
A.    Give
B.     Seek
C.     Put
D.    Hold
Text for no 4-6
Ramuan BRA. Mooryati S

This herbal mix is on extract of selected plantations consisting of essence of root, leaves, bark, seed and flower essence which contain essensial mineral and vitamins and have been of its efficacy in Indonesia through research by experts of Tokyo MD University.
Efficacy and benefits: Helps to reduce excessive fat in the body and supports slimming process. Recommended for men, women and teen.
Direction : Place one tea bag in a cup of boiled water. To be taken 2-3 times daily after meal.
Attention: It is highly recommended to take this product with regular physical exercise, low calories and low fat.
4. The use of the product above is....
            A. to avoid the body from the slim
            B. to make our body healthier
            C. to reduce exessive nutrition of the body
            D. to decrease the amount of fat in the body
5. Which statement below is true?
            A. We have to drink a cup of tea 2-3 per hour
            B. We are asked  to take the product after eating
            C. We are forbidden to take an exercises when using this product
            D.  It is recommended for kids, teen, and adult.
6. The word “benefits” has similar meaning as.....
            A. interests
            B. advantages
            C. fee
            D. usage

Text 3 for no 7-9


Extract Noni Fruit in 450 mg capsule Morinda citrifolia/ Bengkudu/ Noni Miraculous fruit with many benefits for health. Morinda citrifolia/ Bengkudu has been known for its benefits to help medication and to improve stamina. On the other hand, it has distasteful aroma. Many have used the plants as medicine, but stop before gaining its benefits. To get Morinda citrifolia benefits, it must be consumed regularly. BENKUDUKAP, a pure extract of Noni fruit in capsule is practical and easy to take with no additive substances to maintain the pureness of Noni fruit benefits. 
Direction :Adult: 2 times daily, 2 capsules, ½ hour before meal or 1 hour after meal. Each capsule contain 100% Morinda Citrifolia / Bengkudu extract of 450 mg with no additive substance and equal to 100 ml of Morinda citrifolia/ Bengkudu fruit juice.

Available in:

- 50 capsules bottle

- A plastic cup each contains 10 capsule so Can be bought in the nearest chemist’s shops/ drugs store

Produced by: PT. JAMU PUTRA-PUTRI Cilacap-Indonesia
7. If we want to take the medicine for three days, how many capsules must we buy?
            A. 4
            B. 6
            C. 8
            D. 12
8. What is the usage of Bengkudukap for our body?
            A. make our body fatter
            B. to keep our body slim
            C. to improve the stamina
            D. to maintain the pureness
9. How much was the additive substance added in the medicine?
            A. 100%
            B. 45 mg
            C. 100 ml
            D. none
Text 4 for no 10-13

Bifonazole, is an imidazole derivative with a board antimycotic spectrum of action which includes dermatophytes, yeasts, moulds and other fungi such as Malassezia furfur. It is also effective on Corynebacterium minutissimum.

Dosage and administration
Mycospor solution is used once a day, preferably in the evening before retiring. !t should be applied thinly to the affected skin area and rubbed in. To achieve a lasting cure, treatment with Bifonazole must be carried out reliably and over an adequate period.
The usual periods of treatment are:

Foot mycoses, Athlete's foot
3 weeks
Mycoses of the trunk, hands and skin folds
2 - 3 weeks
Superficial candidosis of the skin
2 - 4 weeks
Pityriasis versi color, eriytrasma
2 weeks
A strip of cream or a few drops ( about 3 drops ) is generally sufficient to treat an area of about the size of the palm of the hand.
10. What is the usual period of treatment for the knees?
      A.2 weeks
      B. 2 - 3 weeks
      C. 3 weeks            
      D. 3 - 4 weeks
11. The followings are the suggested ways to use the medicine, except 
      A. To treat in the palm size
      B. To use in an adequate period
      C. To be applied thinly and rubbed in
      D. To use it before having an evening rest
12. The word “sufficient” has the similar meaning to….
            A. enough
            B. efficient
            C. effective
            D. equal
13. How many times must the casualties use this cream a day?
            A. once
            B. 3 times
            C. 3 weeks
            D. 2-3 weeks
Text 4 for no 14-15
Made in German
100% silk

Dry clean or hand wash cold
No bleach
No iron
14. We can find the label in the ……
            A. washing machines
            B. clothes
            C. shoes
            D. bags
15. The function of the text is…..
            A. to advertise the product
            B. to announce the new washing machine
            C. to inform something related to the product
            D. to give explanation how to use the product

Text 5 for no 16-18

The unique skin cream care for all skin types. Moisturizes and cares naturally. All skin needs to live. Skin compatibility dermatologically proven. Free of preservation.
Soften your skin
16. What is the label about?
            A. A skin cream
            B. A skin types
            C. Mousturizer liquid
            D. Skin powder
17. The opposite meaning of the word “soft” is....
            A. sharp
            B. rough
            C. strong
            D. gentle

Text 6 for no 18-20
Nutrition Facts
Serving size                : 1 sachet (20 g)
Servins per container            : 30 sachets
Amount per serving
- calories         88            calories from fat    22
- Total fat       2,4 g                                        4%
- Saturated fat 2g                                          10%
- Sodium 20mg                                               1%
- Total Carbohidrate 16g                              5%
- Sugars 9 gr
- Protein < 1g
INGREDIENTS: Sugar, non-dairy creamer, indocafe instant coffe
Best before: 06 15th, 2013
18. How many materials are there in the label?
            A. 3
            B. 7
            C. 10
            D. 30
19. The most nutrition of the caffemix is.....
            A. total fat
            B. sodium
            C. carbohidrate
            D. saturated fat
20. The expiration of the product is...
            A. after June fifteenth 2013
            B.  befor June fiftieth  2013
            C. on June fifteenth 2013
            D. every June 15th 2013
Text 7 for no 21-22

Usage: Vitamin E is one of antioxidant to provide healthy skin to enhanche it’s elasticity
And softness.
Dosage: 1-4 soft capsules daily

Protect from light
BEST BEFORE: August 5th 2012.
21. The word “It’s” in the text refers to...
            A. Nature E
            B. skin
            C. healthy
            D. vitamin
22. The function of the product in the label is...
            A. to protect the product from the light
            B. to provide capsules daily
            C. to make skin soft and healthy
            D. to provide the sunlight
Text 8 for no 23-25

LOTTEE EYE – LOTION is safe and effective remedy for :
irritated, painful, fatigued, bleary and bloodshot eyes
providing a shooting and refreshing action
CONTENT: 15 ml

Manufactured By:
Pharmaceutical PT Samie Sahari, Jakarta, Indonesia
23. The writer wrote the text to....
            A. offer the eye lotion
            B. inform about the medicine
            C. to persuade people to use LOTTEE
            D. to describe the medicine
24. The medicine is for curing.......
            A. skin irritation
            B. blood cancer
            C. headache
            D. eye pain
25. How can we use the medicine?
            A. By taking it
            B. By dropping it
            C. By rubbing it
            D. by spraying it  

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